Hate Crime Against Men & The Elderly

Hate crime is a crime motivated on the basis of prejudice actions which occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim based on their disability, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age and religion. This can include verbal, physical, cyber, financial and emotional abuse, offences against property such as arson or graffiti ect.

The Law Commission which is an independent body that was set up by Parliament by the Law Commissions Act 1965 to keep the Law of England and Wales under review and to recommend reforms for the future, began its review of hate crime following a campaign by the Labour MP Stella Creasy.  It was recognised that misogny and misandry should be taken into consideration when looking at hate crimes and the seriousness of them as well.

It was also made apparent that hate crime overall has increased as last year the number of hate crimes in England and Wales was at 83,000 and it has increased to 94,098 in 2018.

There are going to be steps made to increase the reduction of hate crime such as:

Charity staff trained to spot hate crimes

Defiant selfie of hate crime victim