European Communities Seminar: Police & Professionals

On the 8th November we landed at Tally Ho to take part in both very interactive and informative seminar dedicated to sharing good practice between police officers and various professionals across the country. Supt Nick Dale provided us with a very thoughtful and insightful overview of operation FORT which is the biggest Modern Slavery case to date in the UK.

Rachel Hooper from Barnardos spoke to us about experiences of charity advocates. We also heard about Project TABLEMATE presented by Sujitha Trowsdale from NCA, Lukasz Sankiewicz from Coventry Polish Parish, Roma Project presented by Sgt Dave Faries. Janusz Kansik from Fisheries Enforcement was giving us an overview of “Building Bridges” project funded by National Lottery and how it helped to bring communities together using fishing as a mean.

Our contribution was advocating for a stronger engagement with third sector and unlocking the potential lying beneath.

Submitted by Elizabeth Kardynal