Case work

Disability discrimination

An individual with significant health issues had been trying to gain legal representation for a court hearing regarding discrimination in education and training. This individual was unable to gain legal advice from solicitors as the case was already in the court process, at this point RES was contacted.

RES was able to assist and support the individual in preparation for their court hearing. However, RES is unable to give legal representation but is able to support the individual during the hearing or tribunal. (May 2022 – ongoing)

Hate crime and vandalism

RES has been working with a family who is subject to racism and hate crime in their home by their neighbors and local community. This family had endured verbal and physical violence for three years.

We were able to work with the police, local authorities and MP to escalate this matter to ensure that this family is moved out of the area. (May 2022 – ongoing)

Rehousing & Unfair dismissal

An individual had a rehousing issue. RES directed them to the appropriate organistition.

This issue was dealt within 24 hours (June 2022 – closed)

RES is supporting an individual that is pursuing an unfair dismissal from employment. This individual was subject to racial discrimination at the work place and we are supporting this individual in putting their paperwork in order and advising on the matter accordingly. (April 2022 – ongoing)

dispute with school

an individual contacted RES for support regarding a dispute with a local school. (February 2022 – closed)

domestic violence

This individual did not speak English and was at a disadvantage. The individual had contacted various organisation that we’re not able to help. This individual found RES by chance and we were able to assist this individual by contacting food banks, adult social services and ensuring that this individual was safe by having direct contact and liaising with all organisation involved. (June 2022 – closed)

Benefits Issue

A pensioner was directed to RES enquiring about support for filling out an application form for benefits. RES was able to advice the individual and contact other organistition that was able to make home visits to assist in the matter. (August 2022- Closed)