About Us


Who We Are


Rights and Equality Sandwell is a charity that has been actively promoting equality diversity and inclusion since 2003. We act as an independent, trusted voice across, and within all communities to reduce inequalities and discrimination in our society. Unfair and unjust treatment still takes place in some organisations within Sandwell communities through discriminatory practices. There are still individuals and some communities who may not have equal access or fair representation to services. RES offers a safe and confidential service through support and guidance, bringing together Sandwell Communities and organisations in a just and inclusive society.


Our Vision


We have a vision for a more cohesive, inclusive and just Sandwell where everyone is safe, each can be accepted on their own terms, no-one is exploited, and all are free to pursue life, liberty and happiness, for themselves and their communities.


Volunteering opportunity

Join us and create positive change in Sandwell.