About Us


Who We Are


Rights & Equality Sandwell (RES) was established on 1st April, 2003.

It’s previous name was Race Equality Sandwell. This was the result of a need to support the implementation of the Race Relations Amendment Act 2000.
Today RES is a strategic organisation with partners throughout the borough in order to offer support and guidance for all Sandwell residents. We are also working closely with local strategic partnerships to support their great people, great prospects vision for Sandwell, this involves the current initiatives by the various partnerships to promote rights, equality and community.


Our Vision


We have a vision for a more cohesive, inclusive and just Sandwell where everyone is safe, each can be accepted on their own terms, no-one is exploited, and all are free to pursue life, liberty and happiness, for themselves and their communities.


Volunteering opportunity

Join us and create positive change in Sandwell.