Government has set out to tackle ‘Relentless’ sexual harassment in public places

The House of Commons Women and the Equalities Committee stated that there is ‘routine and sometimes relentless‘ harassment on girls and women this can happen in parks, on the street, in public buildings, on public transport, in bars and clubs as well as universities and online. This is why they have made it paramount that the issue needs to be tackled and treated very seriously with great intent of providing a comprehensive programme to make all social spaces safe for women.

The committee hope for:

  • Long term publicity campaigns to tackle the attitudes which underpin sexual harassment.
  • A new law to criminalise the act or sharing of non-consensual sexual images.
  • Investment in research and action to address the harm caused by pornography, along the lines of public health efforts to reduce legal but harmful activities activities.
  • New requirements for rail operators to tackle sexual harassment on trains, as well as action to block the use of mobile phones to view pornography on public transport.
  • Changes in licensing laws to require bars and clubs to take action to prevent harassment and require councils to consult women’s groups before allowing some clubs to open.
  • New legal obligations on universities to outlaw sexual harassment.

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