Brexit Made Easy

Brexit? What does it mean?

It simply means Britain leaving the European Union.

What is the European Union?

The European Union is an economical and political partnership in which it involves 28 countries. It allows for goods to be globalised and 19 of the countries use the EU’s currency which is the euro. They also create rules to better the environment, consumer rights and transport.

Why are we leaving the EU?

Voting that took place on the 23rd of June 2016 was done to decide whether the UK should leave the EU or not.

When is the UK meant to leave the EU?

As stated in the Lisbon Treaty in Article 50 that two sides are given two years to come to an agreement and discuss the terms about leaving and power.  This process started on the 29th March 2017 by Theresa May which suggests that the UK is designated to leave on Friday 29th March 2019. The UK if felt needed can stop the process, however the process can also be extended if all 28 countries of the EU are in agreement.

Is this really happening?

Well the United Kingdom is designated to leave the European Union on 29th March 2019 regardless if there is a pact or not. If Brexit was to stop then it would lead to a change in the British law. The European Court Of Justice governed on the 10th December 2018 that the UK could cancel the Brexit process under Article 50 without the need of permission from the other 27 countries and still stay as a member of the EU with existing terms, Under circumstances that it was done under a ‘democratic process’.

Could it be delayed?

Article 50 could be extended if the EU agreed to it, if they were under the impression that the UK might end up staying in the EU, which could then lead to another referendum. Although the UK’s opposition party to the Conservatives is Labour which want to have a general election and if they were to win they would go to Brussels and arrange their own version of Brexit but if they can’t get a general election they will push for a referendum.

There has been an agreed Brexit deal, and there is a 585 page withdrawal agreement, which includes looking at the long term relationship between the UK and the EU which will encompass trade, security and defence.