Picture of Parmindher Dhani and Ileys members holding a cloth with opinions and ideas regarding tackling Female Genital Mutilations

Female Genital Mutilation

RES has employed an FGM Development Worker to work with communities that are affected by the practice of FGM. Over the next 2 months will be focussing on: A scoping activity to identify the demography of where practicing communities reside in Sandwell. Setting up coffee mornings and to engage with affected communities.

Malcolm X

More than 50 years ago Malcolm X visited Marshal Street in Smethwick, following strong opposition from the local community to the rise in number of Black and Asian people who were moving into the area. Local house wives were lobbying the council to buy up all the houses to stop the new immigrants moving in …

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Tension Monitoring

Tension monitoring group The tension monitoring group exists to map tensions that pose a threat to community relations and to advise, support and make recommendations that support the management of critical incidents including resilience. Membership of the group is fluid to reflect the tensions or issues discussed at the time. RES currently chairs this group …

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