“Your visit to see my RSHE class was nothing short of exceptional. The session was truly engaging and insightful, it was a very professional session and the students learnt so much which in turn has informed our social action project, which is going very well! Students are able to share knowledge about discrimination and Sandwell and how your charity can help those who need it!

Once again, thank you so much!


“I just wanted to give a thanks to Pam and the whole team and a special thanks to Ali from (RES), for helping me throughout this appeal hearing. Ali showed good support and guidance the whole time which resulted in me being able to win the case and get my job back”.


Thank you to RES for providing your services and assisting the staff members to achieve their objectives.


“I am in my new home council give me house in Smethwick. Thanks for kind help”

Partnership – Healthwatch Sandwell

Thank You again to RES for supporting the project – I hope the acknowledgement within the report might be helpful to your organisation.

Thank you very much for the questionnaires sent in for the project looking at the patient experience of accessing primary care services – some useful insights within the responses and useful indicators that language barriers and interpreter services are presenting issues.