Making Voices Matter Differently

RES is an independent non statutory service for individual people who can self-refer themselves for some support, advice, guidance and advocacy on matters of injustice and inequality in the work place and their everyday lives.  RES lost its main stream funding during 2020 with Sandwell Council.  Making voices matter differently was funded through Reaching Communities Fund in 2023.  This gave RES the opportunity to rejuvenate our core function which is to strengthen our existing partnerships, build new partnerships, represent the community of Sandwell and issues important to them in strategic meetings calling for action, deal with day to day queries and complex cases of inequality, injustice, discrimination and racism.  The project was able to recruit a part time Development Coordinator to support RES in taking on more complex case work, identify actual and potential concerns and advise statutory and non-statutory bodies on how they can reduce inequalities. 

RES has been actively involved in engaging communities throughout projects we have delivered and also on an individual day to day basis.  This is because as an organisation we are led by service user’s needs.  Majority of our demand led activities arise as a result of an unfair or unjust experience.  RES is the only organisation in Sandwell that represents all community voices and concerns making individuals and groups feel valued, empowered and listened to.  Case work is complex and managed on a person centred approach and we have been receiving an increased number of enquires.  

RES has a vision for a more cohesive, inclusive and just Sandwell.  Our ethos is to empower local people of Sandwell to give their views and opinions with an equal standing to those who speak the loudest  Examples of our creative and innovative approaches to make sure a cohesive and inclusive approach included supporting Health Watch Sandwell in collecting survey responses for their ‘Using digital technology in Primary Care Services’ by making sure communities such as Roma, Mirpuri, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Kurdish and Russian had the opportunity to be included in having their voices heard.         

Our partners and local communities identify RES as a vital, unique, integral service offering bespoke independent, targeted support that is needed more now in the present day following the impact of global and local influences and incidents that cause injustice, divisions and inequalities that impact on our societies.

Please do visit our Cases and Testimonial pages to see how we made a difference to the lives of local people seeking justice.