We want to make sure everyone can access the products and services we offer. This includes customers with:

  • Sight loss or visual impairment
  • Difficulty with hearing or speech
  • Difficulty with numbers or reading
  • Physical impairment including limited dexterity

Our website is designed to be as accessible as possible.

  • We make sure that navigation through the site works in a consistent way.
  • We use a standard web font to make it easy to read.
  • We give images an alt text (alternative text) description to explain what they are, unless they’re only descriptive.
  • We write our links so that they make sense when screen readers read them.

You can change the website’s text size and font type using your internet browser

If you find that the words on our websites are too small, or difficult to read because of the font they’re in, you can change them. How you do this depends on which browser you’re using.

  • For Internet Explorer: open ‘Tools’, choose ‘Internet Options’, go to ‘General’ then ‘Fonts’ or ‘Colours’
  • For Firefox: open ‘Options’, choose the ‘Content’ tab, then ‘Fonts’ or ‘Colours’
  • For Chrome: click on the customise button to the right of the browser bar, go to ‘Settings’, scroll down to ‘Web content’ and you’ll see the option to change font size